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Benefits of Tanning

"Sunlight exposure decreases adrenaline and nor adrenaline levels for an "anti-stressing" effect and releases endorphins for the feeling of "well-being."

Greiter, F., et al. "UV Conditioning: Physical and Physiological Impact" Current Problems in Dermatology. Vol. 15:282-9, 1986.

"Exposure to sunlight may have similar effects to exercise: decreased blood pressure, lower resting heart rate, a 39% increase in the output of Blood."

Falkenbach, Dr. A. et al. "heart Rate Variability..." Biological Effects of Light. New York, Walter de Gryter, 1992

"Sunlight exposure may prevent certain types of cancer: colon and breast cancer rates are three times higher in northern states like New Hampshire and Vermont compared to sunny states like New Mexico and Arizona."

Garland, Dr. C. et al. "Calcium and Colon Cancer" Clinical Nutrition. July/August 161-6, 1986.

"Preliminary Studies indicate that photo therapy may be beneficial in treating patients with AIDS-related complex."

Taylor, A. et al. "Extra corporeal Photo chemotherapy for Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma and Other Diseases" Seminars in Hematology 29-2:132, 1992.

"10 minute exposure to ultraviolet light one to three times a week results in a reduction of frequency of colds up to 40.3%."

Kime, Dr. Z. Sunlight, Penryn, CA: World HEalth Publications, 1980.

"Sunlight stimulates the thyroid gland which boosts your metabolism."

Hollwich, Fritz, The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolism in Man and in Animal. New York; Springer Verlag, 1979.images/61.jpg

"Skin cancer has been linked to non-UV causes: diet, genetics and alcohol."

marchand, Dr. L. "Dietary Factors in the Etiology of Melanoma" Clinics in Dermatology 10:79, 1992.

"A 1993 study shows that 70% of patients with SAD show improvement after light treatment, the only known cure for the "winter blues."

Wirz-Justice, A. et al 'Light Therapy in Seasonal Affective Disorder is Dependent on Time of Day Circadian Phase' Arch Gen Psychiatry." 50:929, 1993.

"Significant seasonal bone loss due to lack of sunlight-produced vitamin D is prominent in areas with reduced winter sunlight and can lead to Osteoporosis."

Rosen, Dr. C. et al. "Seasonal Effects of Sunlight on Bone Mass in Elderly Women" Biological Effects of Light. New York Walter de Gruyter, 1994.

"80% of Psoriasis sufferers show improvement with UV exposure."

"PUVA Myth" Pharmacy News, vol. 6:1, 1994.

"Sunlight is the most responsible source of vitamin D."

Holick, Dr. M, et al. "Sunlight Regulates..." Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. 68:882, 1989.

"During the Process of tanning Vitamin D. also produced."

Matsuka, L. et al. "Sun tanning and Cutaneous Synthesis of Vitamin D3" Journal of Clinical Medicine, 116:87, 1990.

"Tanning is natural. It is what your body was designed to do. Just like you need air, food and water, you need sunlight to survive."

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